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  The members of this church are 'registered members' and 'regular members'. A registered member is a person who has submitted a 'registration card' in hopes of attending the church, and the church will take care of the person who has become a registered member.

  Registered members go through a 4-week course of 'New Family Bible Study', and those who are saved and baptized after completing this course become 'full members' of New Life Baptist Church. The reason for including baptism in the qualifications for full membership is that baptism is a biblical teaching and is a sign of testimony that a saved person deserves. We recommend that those who have been baptized in other churches be baptized, but revealing the fact that you have been saved through baptism is not denying your past religious life, but being a member of a church that offers biblical baptism. Because it's a nice thing.

   New Life Baptist Church values freedom of conscience, and does not baptize people by force when they do not want to.  However, to participate in the 'Lord's Supper' or vote in this church, you must be baptized, and those who want to serve in a leadership position such as office officers, district heads, pro-church officers, teachers, and choir members must be baptized in terms of setting an example. Obedience to baptism is encouraged.

  If you have any other questions or inconveniences, please tell the ministers or ministers and we will help you. We thank and warmly welcome each and every one of you.

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